Happy New Years!

So, I tried to have a blog up before Christmas and I did publish one but for some reason this website decided to not post it so I  decided to wait until after the New Year to do it again. So here we go! Since my last blog I have gone snorkeling again and took my own pictures to share with you guys, we got a new cat, went to the Honolulu Zoo for the first time, found the best burger place on the Island if not the World, had Christmas, and had a very rocking New Year’s Eve!


So first we will start with our trip out to Electric Beach in Nana Kuli. The first time we went here our camera did not work but this time we got our camera to work and I did post most of those pictures on FaceBook. The current was very strong that day and the waves were huge but it was still fun. There was a lot of divers out that day too so they were pretty cool to watch under us except when their air bubbles came up right underneath you. I went out there again with a friend a few days after that and got a few more pictures of the reef but the current was still very strong and the waves were still pretty intense so I didn’t stay out for that long. But Electric Beach is still my favorite place to snorkel so far on the island.

We also added a new member to our family. I left the house a couple days before Christmas to go “talk to Santa” and Santa had said that Emma had done so good getting out of Pull-Ups and no longer having accidents at night that she deserved a new kitty and a little more responsibility. So Santa(Petco) sent me home with a new cat named Jafar. It took him a while to come out and meet everyone but he has slowly acclimated to his new environment and has become best friends with our golden retriever Bella. Jafar won my heart over from th581479_10151403491590757_306936856_ne moment that I held him for the first time and then I found out that he is a special needs cat and they had been having a really hard time placing him in a home and things were not looking good for Jafar. Jafar has a disease called Feline Herpes. Now Feline Herpes is not what you would expect it to be. It is an upper respiratory disease that causes him to sneeze a lot and his eyes drain a lot too. It is something that he will have his entire life but it cannot pass to Bella or the kids, or us. It can only pass to other cats that have not been vaccinated. Jafar has definitely been a great addition to our family. He is such a sweetheart and definitely a cuddler and he purrs really loud when he’s happy.


We also went to the Honolulu Zoo for the first time of probably many. I really like this zoo. As you can expect the zoo is pretty small but they have it set up in almost a perfect little circle so it’s easy to see everything and everyone without having to backtrack. The enclosures seemed to be set up as to make sure that the animals were right up by the glass so you could get some really great pictures and of course see them. This zoo also has a really cool keike zoo where the kids got to pet goats and they also had a section that was kind of set up like a farm with chickens and a cow. We had a pretty good family day at the zoo. After the zoo we were all starving of course and Michael told me that he was in 393089_10151396119520757_247344004_nthe mood for a really good burger so I asked Siri where the best burger place was in Honolulu and she Googled it for me and Google told me Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. Google was definitely right. For all of my West Coast followers who have had In &Out Burger this place is definitely giving them a run for their money. Both places are awesome but I think that Teddy’s has a leg up. Their food is not only amazing but their prices are super fair and very much worth the drive out.

We had a very good Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we finally found our new church, Makakilo Baptist Church. We went to their Christmas Eve service and we really enjoyed it so we decided to go to again the following Sunday service and once again we really enjoyed the sermon so we have decided to start going on a regular basis. Christmaswpid-IMG_20121124_182158.jpg morning went really well also. After all the presents were open we had a very nice breakfast and then my little brother and his wife came over and we had a great Christmas dinner. The day after Christmas though, we took all of our decorations down and actually gave away our tree and we are planning on possibly getting a real tree next year which is something I have never had but is what Michael grew up with. So, it may be our new Christmas tradition!

537286_10151416614425757_996815854_nMichael and I also had a really great New Years Eve Celebration. After we watched the ball drop in New York, which happens at 7 our time, we headed out to Waikiki and went to a huge party downtown called The Party of the Year. Finding a parking spot was an adventure in itself but we found a really great one that seemed actually perfect since if we didn’t have a Jeep there was no way that we could have even gotten into the spot. After we found a parking spot the walk was fairly short to the event. Before you get into the actual party they had an event called Eat the Street which is where a ton of food trucks come together in one spot. So we ate a quick dinner and then headed into the party. The party had 3 different stages, a foam pit, skydivers covered in lights, bull-riding machine, and fireworks every hour from 9-11 with a HUGE fireworks finale at midnight. One of the stages had a DJ playing mostly rap and club music, another stage had more or a Hawaiin feel to their music, and third stage was more rave-like200457_10151415402695757_1780986317_n with techno music. It was a lot of fun especially the foam pit and watching the sky divers. Surprisingly traffic leaving Honolulu was not that bad either and we got home within maybe 35 minutes which is pretty good for living all the way in Kapolei.

Well, it is the start of a New Year. 2012 was pretty big year for our family. Michael came home from deployment, Henry turned 1, I turned 25, Emma turned 4, and we all moved to the beautiful island of Oahu. 2013 will hopefully be just as amazing even though there is rumor of another deployment in our future this year but at least if he goes it will only be 9 months instead of a whole year. Deployments only make our family stronger and make me more and more proud of my husband and my children for enduring through the rough times. Well, Happy New Year to all my followers and I hope that 2013 blesses you as much as 2012 blessed my family! Mahalo and Aloha!


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