Thankfulness is a year round event not just today….


I skipped posting daily on Facebook what I’m thankful for and usually do one long post instead on Thanksgiving so here are my 21 days of thankfulness…

1. First and foremost I am thankful for my husband. He is my rock, my best friend, my hero, and my all time favorite person to be around.

2. I’m thankful for my mom. Without her I wouldn’t be alive in more ways than one.

3. I truly am thankful for my brothers. Without them my childhood would definitely have been a lot more boring.

4. I’m thankful for my daughter. She is my burst of sunshine and always knows how to make me smile.

5. I’m thankful for my son. He made me appreciate my life more and also makes me smile on the daily.

6. I’m thankful for my best friend Angela Miller. She has been my best friend for many many years and I don’t know what I would do without her in my life.

7. I’m thankful for my friend/sister wife  Maria. She’s been by my side through some really rough times in my life and I don’t think she will ever truly understand just how much I love her!

8. I’m thankful for my bestest guy friend Topher. He tells me how it is and has never been afraid to hurt my feelings. But he is also always there to talk to when i need him. Everyone needs a friend like that in their life.

9. I’m thankful for my other sister wife and best friend Angela B. This girl is one of the most awesome people in my life. This girl grabs life by the horns and just doesn’t quit. She is definitely one of my role models and I can’t wait until we can hang out again.

10. I’m thankful for my health and my family’s health. I’m glad that we aren’t constantly at the hospital or worried what the next day might bring.

11. I’m thankful for the military. Without the military in my life I wouldn’t know where I would be. I’m one of the most patriotic people I know and I’m glad that I get to be married to and friends with some if the military’s finest.

12. I’m thankful for the food in my fridge. I know that some people don’t have the privilege of opening their fridge or cabinets and them being full.

13. I’m thankful for my house. Yes it may not have AC but it is a roof over our heads and I’m thankful that we aren’t living on the streets.

14. I’m thankful for my dog Bella. She completes our family and I couldn’t ask for a better dog.

15. I’m thankful for Hawaii. Not everyone gets a chance to live in paradise or even visit it. I love what I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to see the rest.

16. I’m thankful for our president. It may not be the person in office that everyone wanted but at least we have a president and not a dictator.  Which brings me to my next point.

17. I’m thankful that I live in this country. The land of the free because of the brave. I’m thankful that in this country I can become whatever I set my mind out to be.

18. I’m thankful for my freedom. 

19. I’m thankful that I’m a woman. Because if I wasn’t I would be a man and lets admit it…no one really wants that… =]

20. I’m thankful for my grandparents. Without them I wouldn’t have had such awesome parents.

21. And last but certainly not least I’m thankful for my daddy. He was my hero growing up and still is to this day.

I’m thankful for all of these things and people 365(366 on leap year) days a year. All of these are close to my heart always.
Mahalo for reading and comedy if you want if you were mentioned in this blog!


One thought on “Thankfulness is a year round event not just today….

  1. Maria says:

    I love you 🙂 Always. Thank you so much. I’m so thankful for you too.
    and food. food is awesome.

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