One of my best days on the island…

So first let me tell you that today has been one of my best days here on the island and it is not even noon yet! Ok first I went to take the kids to the beach this morning and couldn’t find my id card and I didn’t want to go to a civilian gas station cause they are really expensive! Well, Emma was all upset about not being able to go so I decided to put $30 in my tank anyways and go(after all it is payday). First we get to the end of the block and have to turn around cause we forgot the beach toys. Then we get all the way to Wiapahu before I realize that I forgot my beach bag with the sunscreen and the towels in it. So we turn back around again and I decide it just wasn’t meant to be for us to go to the beach today. Since Emma was upset again at not being able to go and being so close yet so far I decided I would take the kids to breakfast instead and we picked Dennys cause its in the same parking lot as target and I needed to go there too. Well, good thing I picked Dennys because I was having a slightly frustrating morning with being so forgetful. Well, the lady in front of us paid for an elderly couple’s meal that was sitting beside us. So they in turn paid for mine and the kids’ breakfast. I was so grateful that I paid for someone else’s breakfast and I really hope that the tend continued after I left. It’s little random acts of kindness like this that make people’s day! Thank you to the lady who started the trend and to the elderly couple that kept it going. I hope they know just how much of an impact they had my day!

BUT… I’m not done.

After Dennys we went to Target. I was waking around buying all the stuff I needed to make homemade ice cream with the kids tonight when I stumbled upon a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts which I’m addicted to right now(thanks to Theresa). I of course bought the bag and the rest of my stuff and headed out to the car. Now I park in the very back of parking lots when it’s just me and the kids cause I like the walk. Well, the cart guy was in the middle of the parking lot collecting carts while I was putting my stuff in the Jeep and he walked all the way back to me to grab my cart and said that he thought it would be easier for him to come to me than me go to him since I had the kids.

BUT I’m not done just yet!

We get going in the car and I put in my new CD that I bought at Walmart the day before which Emma picked out cause it has Call Me Maybe on it (her fave song right now). Well it also has I Want You Back on it by that one British lady that I’m not sure of her name. Well, we were listening to that and I guess she grunts a lot in that song cause every time she would do it Emma would grunt really really loud and I almost died laughing. Now I have remind you that I drive a Jeep which has no windows and there are a lot of stop lights and bus stops on our way home from Target so every time we would stop Emma would grunt along with the song and everyone else laughed too!


Also, remember my bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts? Well, I get home, get the kids down for a nap, and of course go to eat one or two only to find out that they are not JUST chocolate covered macadamia nuts… They are chocolate and shaved coconut covered macadamia nuts…my day keeps getting better and better!! Then I went into my bathroom for something and saw my scale sitting on the floor and reluctantly got on it and saw that I am down 11 pounds altogether since I left Missouri… No doubt best day so far on this island!!

So I thought I would share my beyond great day with everyone… I hope random acts of kindness and laughter so hard it hurts fills your day too(and maybe a few lbs missing for you as well)!! Aloha!!



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