New house, new car, & a new couch!

Sorry its been so long but when we moved out of the hotel I lost my internet and its really a pain to blog on my phone instead of my laptop. I have a lot to cover on this blog so it might be just a touch long. Well first we’ll start with the new house. I now reside in Kapolei, Hawaii! This town has every thing! Just down the street from my house is a Walmart, target, Ross, petco, a water park, home depot, a movie theatre, tons of restaurants, and many more things I’m sure that I haven’t found yet!! Its such a quiet quaint little town.


The movers came and brought all of our stuff a couple days ago and I’m very surprised it all fit. We are still shuffeling furniture around to try and get it all to fit (Its like a giant game of tetris lol). Lets just say i have A LOT of craigslist’s ads up right now. We are selling our old living room set and hoping to buy a brand new set this weekend. We are hoping there will be good sales cause of veterans day this weekend. Today is also a big day for me and my son because he is getting moved into a new big boy bed today! His crib was broken when it got off the truck and we decided instead of buying a new crib we would go ahead and transition him over to a new bed. Hopefully everything works out well! Now onto my new Jeep!! I’ve never personally owned a Jeep because they are insanely over priced and your really just paying for the name BUT I’ve always wanted a Wrangler! My friend Anthony took me to the windward side in Kanoehe at Windward Dodge to buy it so thank you to him for taking his time to take me all the way out there. The windward side of the island is beyond gorgeous by the way!


I went in the dealership looking for a convertible and got talked into the Jeep cause technically it is a convertible because all the doors and windows come off and the kids love riding in it! Its a bright green color!


Its had soft windows but I haven’t driven with them on yet just because its been so nice and has only really rained once since I’ve had it and the kids thought it was funny to drive around in the rain =]. I finally have the kids settled with a new babysitter as well. I interviewed her yesterday and she is babysitting tonight so Michael and I can have a date night here in town. She’s 14 and I mostly talked to her mom yesterday while she played with Emma but Emma fell instantly in love like she does with all her baby sitters. Kind of makes me miss Zoey though =]. Now that we are back in a house and I have a kitchen I’ve been cooking a few recipes from pinterest. I made some cream cheese chicken spaghetti that was made in the crockpot and was amazing. I might be posting my successful pinterest recipes on here since there are some I’ve tried that weren’t all that great. I did make my own holiday plates out of plates that I bought at goodwill. I think they turned out really well but I haven’t washed them yet so we will see if the design stays.


I think that I have pretty much covered everything I could have that has happened in the past couple of weeks. Mahalo for reading and hopefully I will be blogging again here in the next week or so cause we get our internet hooked up next week. Any questions please comment!


Aloha! My new town’s website


3 thoughts on “New house, new car, & a new couch!

  1. Maria says:

    I’m so happy for you! I love this blog! I love the flower in Emma’s hair! Although it makes me sad that Henry is already in an actual bed… he’s gotten so big. 😦 They’re growing up too far away for me to see. love you! lol

    • vw2105 says:

      We love and miss you too… You should write Emma back and be penpals with her!! She loves sending post cards!!… And we could use some pictures of home around here =]

  2. Mom says:

    Look at the beautiful tan on my beautiful granddaughter. I miss you guys a lot. Lucas wrote Emma a letter right away, but I just got around to mailing it today so look for it pretty soon. I also picked up a post card in Branson la st weekend – Lucas picked it out. I’ll send that soon.

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