Week 2 down…

We went and visited Bella a few times this week, which is still incredibly heartbreaking for me, but we get her back tomorrow(sort of). We have to pay a little over $400 just to get her out of quarantine and since we are STILL living in a hotel she has to stay at Bryan and Chelsea’s house until we get ourselves into a house.  The house search, as some of you may know, hasn’t been going all too well. The only thing that is really killing us in finding a place is the fact that we can’t put down a deposit on a house. I think that Michael and I have just decided to go ahead and wait on housing to figure something out and hopefully we will be out of this hotel within a week or two *fingers crossed*! It’s been really frustrating living here mostly because we do not have a kitchen and eating out every day and night is really starting to take a toll on our bank accounts. Also, sleeping in the same room as your children EVERY NIGHT is a little aggravating. It’s hard to get them to bed at a decent time if we want to stay up a little later. But ANYWAYS… Michael and I also went snorkeling last weekend. That was a lot of fun. I saw a few crabs and a couple of fish and some other random sea life. We wound up going to Ala Moana because we know that beach and we just wanted to try out our new equipment. The water there isn’t all that clear but if you swim out about 200 yards or so there is a little reef where some fish and crabs hang out. One thing that we see a lot out at Ala Moana Beach Park are paddle surfers and I think that looks like a lot of fun and might be something Michael and I try at some point! One thing I found this week that I thought was pretty interesting is that they sell surfboards at Wal-Mart. Where you normally see deer stands, bows, and shot guns in Missouri you see surfboards, boogie boards, and snorkeling equipment in Hawaii. I know I probably should have expected that but for some reason I still found that a touch humorous and it was a moment that made me feel just a touch of homesickness.

We drove up to North Shore yesterday because I wanted to see some real waves. When we first got here people were talking about how the waves at North Shore were in the upwards of 30 ft high at some points.  As we were driving along we saw some kite surfers off in the distance so we stopped and walked along the beach for a little while and watched them take off from the beach into the ocean. If you’ve never watched kite surfers they are pretty entertaining. Where we were there were about 6-7 of them all out there hitting the waves. I have watched kite surfers before in Cape Cod but that was nothing like these guys. The kids had fun playing in the sand for a little while and watching a couple of dogs playing in the water waiting for their owner to come back in from surfing. If Michael and I were to ever have a little date night on the beach or anything that’s where I would want to do it. It’s really secluded and it was really pretty(I know all of Hawaii is really pretty).  North Shore had a lot of touristy shops there too so I might find some time to head back up there and do some shopping once we get a house and our finances in order. It seems like Christmas in almost right around the corner.

Well mahalo again for reading and… Aloha!

Here is a page all about North Shore if you are interested in reading more… Northshoreoahu.org

Also a page all about Ala Moana Park if you wanna see the beach I am always talking about… Hawaiiweb.com/AlaMoanaPark


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