Frustratingly beautiful…

So as you all know we went and looked at a condo on Monday. It was gorgeous and beyond perfect for our family(there was a park and daycare literally right accross the street) BUT they wanted us to put down the deposit by today or they were going to go ahead and show it to other people. Well, on the 15th we got paid Missouri pay and have not recieved any COLA(cost of living allowance) or BAH(basic allowance for housing). So to make a short story shorter…. we are still stuck at the hotel until at least the 1st unless housing calls us and lets us know that they have a house available for us. Which I doubt very much will happen. The most frutrating thing about all of this is that we got our orders back in January. So the Army knew for over 9 months that we were going to be here at this time so you would think that maybe they would make sure that we had a place to live when we got here. But as some of you may know the Army’s unofficial motto is “Hurry up and wait!”

Well, Michael is off work until next Thursday so we are still trying to get Tri-Care set up and we have been bugging housing every day to see if maybe a place has opened up yet for us. They said the more that we bug them the more likely we are to get a place sooner.

As most of you know this is my “real” first move away from home. I say real only because I moved away to college when I was 17 but I only moved 2 hours away, so I still went to my parents house on weekends and therefore that move does not count. Anywho, I’m kind of glad that my first official move was to a place as beautiful as Hawaii, even though this is about as far from home as I could get, only because after the past couple of days which, trust me, have been more than frustrating(as I would imagine and move accross the country would be), it feels great to just take a drive with my family and wind up at a beach where I can build sand castles with my children or swim out in the ocean and float on my back and for those short couple of hours nothing else matters except whats going on right in front me.

So anyways. We went to beach again today. We wound up going back to Ala Moana Beach Park only beacause Michael had never been and the kids truely did love it there and after visiting the other beach I decided I really did like Ala Moana better even if the sand was a little coarser on my feet. After the beach we went to Target(yes it was right down the road and not an HOUR away) and bought the kids some beach toys. I felt like they are always the only children at the beach without a shovel or bucket. I also bought their halloween costumes since Target acually had the ones I’ve been looking for! BUT we had to switch them up a bit since the sizes weren’t right. Originally Emma was supposed to be a police officer and Henry was going to be a robber BUT Target only had the robber in Emma’s size and the police officer in Henry’s size so thats why we switched it. Also, we were debating at Target what Bella should be for Halloween. Mike thought the HotDog costume was the best but I liked the Headless Horseman or a Jockey riding on her back would have been better. If you want to comment below and let me know which you think is best please do so. Here is a link to all the dog costumes they have at Target >> click me. Hopefully that link works now that posing this on my phone instead of computer!

Mahalo again to everyone who is still with me on this adventure and I’m really hoping to keep up with this as much as I can. You can expect AT LEAST 1 blog a week but if I start to slack please don’t hesitate to send me a poke on facebook(yeah apparantly you can still do that)… well Aloha followers!

P.S. better Maria? =]


2 thoughts on “Frustratingly beautiful…

  1. Maria says:

    Waaay better, I love it!
    That would be so awesome if Bella was a headless horseman. dog. thing. whatever that costume is, lol.
    I’m so proud of you that you’re surviving your first actual move away from home… it’s like you’re all grown up with your own family and everything…

  2. Mom says:

    I’m not a big fan of dog costumes but if you must embarrass your dog, I vote for headless horseman.

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