Week 1 down….


So the last week has definitely been a whirl wind. We had our first family day at the beach yesterday. We went to a beach in Nanakuli which was a fun beach. The water was a little rougher but the sand was finer and easier to build sandcastles on so thats mostly what we did. The kids had a blast and it was insanely beautiful like the rest of the island. We went and looked at a townhouse on Thursday and we really liked it and got offered to sign the lease but we want to look around a little bit so I have another showing tomorrow for a nicer one. Both of the properties are in Kaloplei which is a gorgeous little town that I can not wait to live in. Its so different from where I lived in Missouri. Its been exciting to see a different culture and I don’t think that it has exactly hit me yet that I live in a place that most people just dream about visiting. I haven’t had a moment of homesickness yet but I think thats because we are still living in a hotel and I haven’t had an opportunity to set up house yet. Mike thinks once we get all of our household goods and I actually set up the house and get all our stuff back I will start to miss home but I just don’t see how that would be possible in such a gorgeous state.

I will probably write another blog tomorrow about how the townhouse that I’m going to see worked out yesterday!! I’m going to look at it at 2 tomorrow so 7 at night for most of the people that are following me… Mahalo for reading and Aloha for now! =]


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