Life’s a Beach!

ImageSo yesterday was our first adventure to the beach. The kids and I went to Ala Moana beach in Waikiki. It was SO pretty and we saw probably about 8 wedding go on there yesterday. The sand was VERY rough though. It was more rocks than sand and after a walk across the beach my feet were pretty sore. Other than the sand the beach was gorgeous and obviously very close to the airport because we saw plenty of planes land and take off. The waves were not very big either and we even got to see a few small fish in the water. Since Michael didn’t get to come yesterday cause he had to work we are going to try to go again on Saturday but we are definitely going to have to remember sunscreen. I got pretty burned and so did Henry’s face and Emma’s cheeks.

Today we have a sort of orientation kind of thing here on post.. it’ll probably be kind of lame but hey… free lunch. Then I was going to go shopping with my sister in law today but I think i may need to wait untl payday… well Aloha!


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