Well that was fun…

imageSo just another day in paradise… Bryan took me to go pick up my car today which means I am now mobile. After we got to the car place I found that my car had a few dings on it that it didn’t have before so that took a little longer than I expected… I also found out that Hawaii does not have satellite radio so buh bye  XM… After we got the car all done I followed Bryan to Fort Shafter so I could fill up my tank and then I was left to my own devices to find my way back to Schofield Barracks… I do have the whole touch screen navigation system in my car but I will be the first to admit that I am a HORRIBLE driver and I HATE traffic so I still got lost and turned around… I missed exits and definitely made some locals mad today(it didn’t help that I’m a natural blonde as well). But I couldn’t get too mad cause the more lost I was the more gorgeous the scenery got… After I finally found the base I came in the main gate and once again took another wrong turn and went right out the back gate… Once I found myself back at the front gate the gate guards helped me find my way to where I was trying to get to… Luckily Michael got home not too long after we did nap time and I didn’t have to drive again today but tomorrow is a new day with new adventures…we are hoping to make it out to the beach tomorrow…I’m ready to put my toes in the ocean… Aloha!!


One thought on “Well that was fun…

  1. Mom says:

    Yup sounds like my daughter

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