And it begins…

imageSo we’re finally here in Hawaii. Our adventure started in Saint Louis with a quick flight to Minneapolis and then followed by another flight to Seattle and then finally one more flight to Honolulu. Luckily, we had amazing people on the plane and an even more awesome crew that went above and beyond to help the children get acclimated on the plane and checked in with them regularly bringing them snacks and drinks. The kids were actually pretty amazing on the plane. It definitely helped to have Henry in a car seat. Once we landed and got all our stuff off the plane (3 carry on bags 5 if you count my purse and Emma’s back pack… plus the car seat and 2 children) we walked through the airport which is mostly all open and outside and finally found our way to baggage claim. By now the kids were both awake and happy and running around so we didn’t have to carry them as well. Mike had to stop at the USO before we got to where our bags were to check in so I went ahead and grabbed our bags. Which we checked 3 giant duffles and another rolling bag full of just hair products (they won’t ship liquids…don’t judge lol). After about 10 minutes of playing “lets run around in circles around the giant pile of luggage” Michael finally was done and met up with us to help haul everything outside to the curb to wait for Bryan, my brother, to pick us up. After Bryan picked us up we went and got some food at Jack in the Box (yes J in the B is the first thing we ate in Hawaii) then we headed towards Schofield. We landed at night so I can’t describe the beauty that I know surrounds me. We are staying at a hotel on the base right now and are waiting on word from housing. Michael had to go to work this morning so we are waiting for him to get off so we can find out about getting the car and possibly our dog today. Our first adventure at the beach will hopefully be later this week or this weekend… Stay tuned! =]



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