Vlog #1

I decided to do a quick video since I haven’t blogged in a while… So enjoy and I hope this sums up everything from the past few months…


Happy New Years!

So, I tried to have a blog up before Christmas and I did publish one but for some reason this website decided to not post it so I  decided to wait until after the New Year to do it again. So here we go! Since my last blog I have gone snorkeling again and took my own pictures to share with you guys, we got a new cat, went to the Honolulu Zoo for the first time, found the best burger place on the Island if not the World, had Christmas, and had a very rocking New Year’s Eve!


So first we will start with our trip out to Electric Beach in Nana Kuli. The first time we went here our camera did not work but this time we got our camera to work and I did post most of those pictures on FaceBook. The current was very strong that day and the waves were huge but it was still fun. There was a lot of divers out that day too so they were pretty cool to watch under us except when their air bubbles came up right underneath you. I went out there again with a friend a few days after that and got a few more pictures of the reef but the current was still very strong and the waves were still pretty intense so I didn’t stay out for that long. But Electric Beach is still my favorite place to snorkel so far on the island.

We also added a new member to our family. I left the house a couple days before Christmas to go “talk to Santa” and Santa had said that Emma had done so good getting out of Pull-Ups and no longer having accidents at night that she deserved a new kitty and a little more responsibility. So Santa(Petco) sent me home with a new cat named Jafar. It took him a while to come out and meet everyone but he has slowly acclimated to his new environment and has become best friends with our golden retriever Bella. Jafar won my heart over from th581479_10151403491590757_306936856_ne moment that I held him for the first time and then I found out that he is a special needs cat and they had been having a really hard time placing him in a home and things were not looking good for Jafar. Jafar has a disease called Feline Herpes. Now Feline Herpes is not what you would expect it to be. It is an upper respiratory disease that causes him to sneeze a lot and his eyes drain a lot too. It is something that he will have his entire life but it cannot pass to Bella or the kids, or us. It can only pass to other cats that have not been vaccinated. Jafar has definitely been a great addition to our family. He is such a sweetheart and definitely a cuddler and he purrs really loud when he’s happy.


We also went to the Honolulu Zoo for the first time of probably many. I really like this zoo. As you can expect the zoo is pretty small but they have it set up in almost a perfect little circle so it’s easy to see everything and everyone without having to backtrack. The enclosures seemed to be set up as to make sure that the animals were right up by the glass so you could get some really great pictures and of course see them. This zoo also has a really cool keike zoo where the kids got to pet goats and they also had a section that was kind of set up like a farm with chickens and a cow. We had a pretty good family day at the zoo. After the zoo we were all starving of course and Michael told me that he was in 393089_10151396119520757_247344004_nthe mood for a really good burger so I asked Siri where the best burger place was in Honolulu and she Googled it for me and Google told me Teddy’s Bigger Burgers. Google was definitely right. For all of my West Coast followers who have had In &Out Burger this place is definitely giving them a run for their money. Both places are awesome but I think that Teddy’s has a leg up. Their food is not only amazing but their prices are super fair and very much worth the drive out.

We had a very good Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we finally found our new church, Makakilo Baptist Church. We went to their Christmas Eve service and we really enjoyed it so we decided to go to again the following Sunday service and once again we really enjoyed the sermon so we have decided to start going on a regular basis. Christmaswpid-IMG_20121124_182158.jpg morning went really well also. After all the presents were open we had a very nice breakfast and then my little brother and his wife came over and we had a great Christmas dinner. The day after Christmas though, we took all of our decorations down and actually gave away our tree and we are planning on possibly getting a real tree next year which is something I have never had but is what Michael grew up with. So, it may be our new Christmas tradition!

537286_10151416614425757_996815854_nMichael and I also had a really great New Years Eve Celebration. After we watched the ball drop in New York, which happens at 7 our time, we headed out to Waikiki and went to a huge party downtown called The Party of the Year. Finding a parking spot was an adventure in itself but we found a really great one that seemed actually perfect since if we didn’t have a Jeep there was no way that we could have even gotten into the spot. After we found a parking spot the walk was fairly short to the event. Before you get into the actual party they had an event called Eat the Street which is where a ton of food trucks come together in one spot. So we ate a quick dinner and then headed into the party. The party had 3 different stages, a foam pit, skydivers covered in lights, bull-riding machine, and fireworks every hour from 9-11 with a HUGE fireworks finale at midnight. One of the stages had a DJ playing mostly rap and club music, another stage had more or a Hawaiin feel to their music, and third stage was more rave-like200457_10151415402695757_1780986317_n with techno music. It was a lot of fun especially the foam pit and watching the sky divers. Surprisingly traffic leaving Honolulu was not that bad either and we got home within maybe 35 minutes which is pretty good for living all the way in Kapolei.

Well, it is the start of a New Year. 2012 was pretty big year for our family. Michael came home from deployment, Henry turned 1, I turned 25, Emma turned 4, and we all moved to the beautiful island of Oahu. 2013 will hopefully be just as amazing even though there is rumor of another deployment in our future this year but at least if he goes it will only be 9 months instead of a whole year. Deployments only make our family stronger and make me more and more proud of my husband and my children for enduring through the rough times. Well, Happy New Year to all my followers and I hope that 2013 blesses you as much as 2012 blessed my family! Mahalo and Aloha!

Lets go sailing…and snorkeling…and…

Well, its been an interesting couple of weeks since Thanksgiving and not too much has happened but I want to keep you guys updated as often as I can. Michael and I went on a catamaran sailing tour in Waikiki. I will try to link the website at the bottom if I can. The tour was so gorgeous and I don’t think I have ever seen a prettier shade of blue than the ocean that day. On the way out we got sprayed a lot and I was actually soaked by the time we started heading back in but once everything calmed down and we were out on the water everything was so relaxing. They served drinks and played island music and it truly was one of the best times I’ve had on the island!


Michael and I also took in some snorkeling last weekend. We went to Electric Beach just down the road from Kapolei in Nana Kuli. I have never seen a more gorgeous site than underwater there. Electric Beach gets its name from the power plant that is located right across the street from the beach. The power plant pushes all of its clean hot water back into the ocean and if you swim out a few hundred yards you hit the pipes they use to push the water out and tons of sea life love the warmer water. We saw tons of fish and crabs and even swam up close and personal with a school of zebra fish. As we were leaving we also saw a pod of dolphins not too far from where we were snorkeling.


Now, I did not take this photo but this photo was taken at Electric Beach by a diver. This is exactly how it looked under water if you looked straight out ahead of you. If you looked down you had a complete bird’s eye view of the reef and all the sea life that lived there as well. Hopefully next time we go my camera will actually work and I will be able to get some more photos for you all.


So, as most of you may know Christmas is just around the corner. I wanted to share with you what I have decided to do with my children this year.


Those are “elf” socks. There are 24 of them each with something inside. On the first of December while my kids were sleeping elves came in and each left a sock with a surprise in each one. Some days its just candy and others its a bigger surprise like a holiday movie or a craft or getting to bake cookies with mommy. It was a little idea I sort of mashed together from different pins on pinterest. My kids love it and can’t wait to see what is in the sock that day. The last sock on Christmas eve will have their Christmas pajamas and a ticket to the polar express where we get to drive around and look at all the Christmas lights! I do have to tell you that Emma did not believe me when I told her that the elves did it but we went to Walmart right after and we saw Santa riding on his motorcycle and she said that he must have dropped the elves off at our house but then had to go buy them more socks at Walmart. =]


I hope everyone had a great November and are ready for December. I know I am! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The sand art in the picture is featured outside of the Sheraton Waikiki which is where we took our catamaran tour! I also hope everyone’s Thanksgiving went well with little to no family drama and tons of turkey! Mahalo for reading once again and I hope to have another blog up before Christmas =) Aloha!!

Catamaran tours- Maitai Catamaran

Thankfulness is a year round event not just today….


I skipped posting daily on Facebook what I’m thankful for and usually do one long post instead on Thanksgiving so here are my 21 days of thankfulness…

1. First and foremost I am thankful for my husband. He is my rock, my best friend, my hero, and my all time favorite person to be around.

2. I’m thankful for my mom. Without her I wouldn’t be alive in more ways than one.

3. I truly am thankful for my brothers. Without them my childhood would definitely have been a lot more boring.

4. I’m thankful for my daughter. She is my burst of sunshine and always knows how to make me smile.

5. I’m thankful for my son. He made me appreciate my life more and also makes me smile on the daily.

6. I’m thankful for my best friend Angela Miller. She has been my best friend for many many years and I don’t know what I would do without her in my life.

7. I’m thankful for my friend/sister wife  Maria. She’s been by my side through some really rough times in my life and I don’t think she will ever truly understand just how much I love her!

8. I’m thankful for my bestest guy friend Topher. He tells me how it is and has never been afraid to hurt my feelings. But he is also always there to talk to when i need him. Everyone needs a friend like that in their life.

9. I’m thankful for my other sister wife and best friend Angela B. This girl is one of the most awesome people in my life. This girl grabs life by the horns and just doesn’t quit. She is definitely one of my role models and I can’t wait until we can hang out again.

10. I’m thankful for my health and my family’s health. I’m glad that we aren’t constantly at the hospital or worried what the next day might bring.

11. I’m thankful for the military. Without the military in my life I wouldn’t know where I would be. I’m one of the most patriotic people I know and I’m glad that I get to be married to and friends with some if the military’s finest.

12. I’m thankful for the food in my fridge. I know that some people don’t have the privilege of opening their fridge or cabinets and them being full.

13. I’m thankful for my house. Yes it may not have AC but it is a roof over our heads and I’m thankful that we aren’t living on the streets.

14. I’m thankful for my dog Bella. She completes our family and I couldn’t ask for a better dog.

15. I’m thankful for Hawaii. Not everyone gets a chance to live in paradise or even visit it. I love what I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to see the rest.

16. I’m thankful for our president. It may not be the person in office that everyone wanted but at least we have a president and not a dictator.  Which brings me to my next point.

17. I’m thankful that I live in this country. The land of the free because of the brave. I’m thankful that in this country I can become whatever I set my mind out to be.

18. I’m thankful for my freedom. 

19. I’m thankful that I’m a woman. Because if I wasn’t I would be a man and lets admit it…no one really wants that… =]

20. I’m thankful for my grandparents. Without them I wouldn’t have had such awesome parents.

21. And last but certainly not least I’m thankful for my daddy. He was my hero growing up and still is to this day.

I’m thankful for all of these things and people 365(366 on leap year) days a year. All of these are close to my heart always.
Mahalo for reading and comedy if you want if you were mentioned in this blog!

One of my best days on the island…

So first let me tell you that today has been one of my best days here on the island and it is not even noon yet! Ok first I went to take the kids to the beach this morning and couldn’t find my id card and I didn’t want to go to a civilian gas station cause they are really expensive! Well, Emma was all upset about not being able to go so I decided to put $30 in my tank anyways and go(after all it is payday). First we get to the end of the block and have to turn around cause we forgot the beach toys. Then we get all the way to Wiapahu before I realize that I forgot my beach bag with the sunscreen and the towels in it. So we turn back around again and I decide it just wasn’t meant to be for us to go to the beach today. Since Emma was upset again at not being able to go and being so close yet so far I decided I would take the kids to breakfast instead and we picked Dennys cause its in the same parking lot as target and I needed to go there too. Well, good thing I picked Dennys because I was having a slightly frustrating morning with being so forgetful. Well, the lady in front of us paid for an elderly couple’s meal that was sitting beside us. So they in turn paid for mine and the kids’ breakfast. I was so grateful that I paid for someone else’s breakfast and I really hope that the tend continued after I left. It’s little random acts of kindness like this that make people’s day! Thank you to the lady who started the trend and to the elderly couple that kept it going. I hope they know just how much of an impact they had my day!

BUT… I’m not done.

After Dennys we went to Target. I was waking around buying all the stuff I needed to make homemade ice cream with the kids tonight when I stumbled upon a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts which I’m addicted to right now(thanks to Theresa). I of course bought the bag and the rest of my stuff and headed out to the car. Now I park in the very back of parking lots when it’s just me and the kids cause I like the walk. Well, the cart guy was in the middle of the parking lot collecting carts while I was putting my stuff in the Jeep and he walked all the way back to me to grab my cart and said that he thought it would be easier for him to come to me than me go to him since I had the kids.

BUT I’m not done just yet!

We get going in the car and I put in my new CD that I bought at Walmart the day before which Emma picked out cause it has Call Me Maybe on it (her fave song right now). Well it also has I Want You Back on it by that one British lady that I’m not sure of her name. Well, we were listening to that and I guess she grunts a lot in that song cause every time she would do it Emma would grunt really really loud and I almost died laughing. Now I have remind you that I drive a Jeep which has no windows and there are a lot of stop lights and bus stops on our way home from Target so every time we would stop Emma would grunt along with the song and everyone else laughed too!


Also, remember my bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts? Well, I get home, get the kids down for a nap, and of course go to eat one or two only to find out that they are not JUST chocolate covered macadamia nuts… They are chocolate and shaved coconut covered macadamia nuts…my day keeps getting better and better!! Then I went into my bathroom for something and saw my scale sitting on the floor and reluctantly got on it and saw that I am down 11 pounds altogether since I left Missouri… No doubt best day so far on this island!!

So I thought I would share my beyond great day with everyone… I hope random acts of kindness and laughter so hard it hurts fills your day too(and maybe a few lbs missing for you as well)!! Aloha!!


New house, new car, & a new couch!

Sorry its been so long but when we moved out of the hotel I lost my internet and its really a pain to blog on my phone instead of my laptop. I have a lot to cover on this blog so it might be just a touch long. Well first we’ll start with the new house. I now reside in Kapolei, Hawaii! This town has every thing! Just down the street from my house is a Walmart, target, Ross, petco, a water park, home depot, a movie theatre, tons of restaurants, and many more things I’m sure that I haven’t found yet!! Its such a quiet quaint little town.


The movers came and brought all of our stuff a couple days ago and I’m very surprised it all fit. We are still shuffeling furniture around to try and get it all to fit (Its like a giant game of tetris lol). Lets just say i have A LOT of craigslist’s ads up right now. We are selling our old living room set and hoping to buy a brand new set this weekend. We are hoping there will be good sales cause of veterans day this weekend. Today is also a big day for me and my son because he is getting moved into a new big boy bed today! His crib was broken when it got off the truck and we decided instead of buying a new crib we would go ahead and transition him over to a new bed. Hopefully everything works out well! Now onto my new Jeep!! I’ve never personally owned a Jeep because they are insanely over priced and your really just paying for the name BUT I’ve always wanted a Wrangler! My friend Anthony took me to the windward side in Kanoehe at Windward Dodge to buy it so thank you to him for taking his time to take me all the way out there. The windward side of the island is beyond gorgeous by the way!


I went in the dealership looking for a convertible and got talked into the Jeep cause technically it is a convertible because all the doors and windows come off and the kids love riding in it! Its a bright green color!


Its had soft windows but I haven’t driven with them on yet just because its been so nice and has only really rained once since I’ve had it and the kids thought it was funny to drive around in the rain =]. I finally have the kids settled with a new babysitter as well. I interviewed her yesterday and she is babysitting tonight so Michael and I can have a date night here in town. She’s 14 and I mostly talked to her mom yesterday while she played with Emma but Emma fell instantly in love like she does with all her baby sitters. Kind of makes me miss Zoey though =]. Now that we are back in a house and I have a kitchen I’ve been cooking a few recipes from pinterest. I made some cream cheese chicken spaghetti that was made in the crockpot and was amazing. I might be posting my successful pinterest recipes on here since there are some I’ve tried that weren’t all that great. I did make my own holiday plates out of plates that I bought at goodwill. I think they turned out really well but I haven’t washed them yet so we will see if the design stays.


I think that I have pretty much covered everything I could have that has happened in the past couple of weeks. Mahalo for reading and hopefully I will be blogging again here in the next week or so cause we get our internet hooked up next week. Any questions please comment!


Aloha! My new town’s website www.Kapolei.com